Changes are not easy. We all know that! But if making changes means doing what you love, they are always welcome! 4 years working as a toy designer, 1 year with a full time job as a toy designer and having a design studio with a couple friends.. lots of learning, lots of experience but best of all.. a direction on what I really enjoy doing and what Im passionate about. 

Ever since I was in middle school I knew designing was my thing. Everything that had to do with colors, shapes, materials, textures. But, when you are interested in so many things it's really hard to stay focus in one thing only. And.. you can do anything but not everything. 

Having a design studio with my friends was a great learning experience. The studio started with the idea of working as a team on daily projects, clients with different product ideas, graphics, web, etc and with the profit we made we were going to build our each individual  brand within the studio. What we didn't realize was that we had such different interests that we were never going to meet in the middle. And, no matter how hard we were working if our goal was not the same we were never going to get anywhere. We all had changes in our personal lives, we were all working from 8am to 11-12pm at night Monday to Friday, Saturday half days... this took a toll on all of us and we decided to end it when the lease of our studio was up. I was really lucky to have created the studio with the people I did, today we are still friends, we learned a lot and the experience we got out of it is unbelievable.  

For me, the best part was having the freedom and the support of my friends/coworkers to do what I wanted creatively. Like the day I told them I wanted to take calligraphy classes and they were 100% happy that I wanted to do that and the studio supported me financially.  This to me is where it all started.. "a door closes and another one opens".. Ever since that day, calligraphy has been my daily thing. And with that came the idea to put all my favorite things together..product design, packaging, stationery, etc..but I will be sharing more of this in future posts.. 

Im excited to start a new blog (I deleted by mistake all the CSS (design) of my old blog and I thought it was a good sign to start from zero. 

What you can expect from Papel & Co.'s blog...

Calligraphy tips, product design (Im a big fan of supporting small companies and start ups with great ideas)  typography , branding inspiration, interior design inspiration, some DIYs and in ..general everything aesthetically beautiful.

Im glad to say I am more than happy to be doing what I love, and it's not always smooth and easy to work on your own but the peace of mind to go to bed every night knowing  that you spent the day doing what you love doesn't compare to anything. 


Download this print here and remind yourself of this everyday.