This year I was able to go to New York for the National Stationery Show and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. It was two of my passions together. It was extremely inspiring and motivating to see all those beautiful brands and products there. I am a big fan of natural materials like wood, stones, leather etc. I consider my design aesthetic a little bipolar sometimes though...I'm drawn by really simplistic designs, specially the ones that give importance to materials. And, sometimes I just love a colorful, full of pattern design. And, this happens to me in almost every design field.. graphic, product, interiors etc. 

I used to struggle with the fact that I felt I didn't have an specific design aesthetic..  The truth is I am into beautiful things in general and whatever catches my attention. And, I came to realize it is not a bad thing to appreciate different types of styles but instead I use it in my advantage to have a wider range of product and styles which helps me help different type of clients. 

Back at the NSS I got to know about Rustico a brand that makes  leather products. Im in love with everything they make, so simple but at the same time so much character. I got a little pocket notebook when I was in their booth and I think it is the perfect notebook for calligraphers and letterers. Most of their notebooks have the dotted grid which is extremely helpful for lettering. They also have really good prices for the quality of their products. 

These are my favorite ones from their website.  From left to right One / Two / Three