A couple days ago I gave a workshop on Brush Lettering, thanks to my favorite store in Miami, Wynwood Letterpress, who hosted the workshop and Kit and Ace for making it happen.

For a while I had wanted to put together some lettering work sheets to share on the blog  but I always got caught up doing my daily stuff and never got to do it. But! since I did it for the workshop I am finally sharing them here today. 

These work sheets are meant to be for those who already have a basic idea of brush lettering technique and  maybe want to practice a different font than the one you learned with. 

If you have never taken any brush lettering class, make sure to visit this blog and my IG because I will be sharing some tips to get started on brush lettering, my favorite supplies and other things that will make the experience a little easier. 

For those of you in the Miami area who are interested in a lettering workshops please let me know on the comments and make sure to follow my IG @papelnco to stay tuned with future events! Make sure to let me know if you want to learn brush lettering, water color lettering, calligraphy etc.